Muse on Dutch MTV Internet and TV in Den Bosch

Muse on the internet:
You can watch an interview with Matt on the Dutch MTV website in MTV Overdrive. It was recorded last sunday, 45 minutes before they played at Lowlands.

Muse on Dutch MTV:
I also heard in a commercial they are gonna be on the Dutch MTV in the "Summer of MTV Festival Special", but i'm not completely sure about that. That show is on tonight at 19.00 Amsterdam time.

They will be on the Dutch MTV on the 3rd of september. It will be a broadcast of 30 minutes of Muse's concert at Lowlands. This broadcast starts at 0.00 Amsterdam time:
3 september:
Lowlands 2006: Muse
Lowlands 2006: Essent Winner

Muse in Den Bosch
And last but not least: Muse (+ support) will play in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch ('s-Hertogenbosch) on the 28th of November. Ticket sales start tomorrow (26th of August).