Muse NOT Playing Glastonbury

Michael Eavis has ruled out four massive acts who were previously rumoured to headline Glastonbury Festival 2008. But confirmed one of them for V!

Glasto favourites Radiohead, Muse and Coldplay will definitely NOT play this year's event, according to the 72-year-old farmer.

But he confirmed they were invited to play and insisted that they will be back at Worthy Farm in years to come.

He told VF during an exclusive interview: "When it suits them they’ll come and do it and if it doesn’t happen they’ll do something else.

"We can call on old friends, like Coldplay, but they’ve all done it so many times that it’s not fair for me to expect them to do it over and over again."

When asked about Muse, Eavis answered: "No because they’re doing the V’s [V Festival] aren’t they? They can’t do both really, it doesn’t really work doing both."

He also confirmed that Led Zeppelin were unsuccessfully approached for Glastonbury, but denied rumours the reformed rockers demanded too much money.

He said: "The money didn’t come into it, but the fact that Robert Plant is going to America with Alison Krauss during that period means that they are not available. It was nothing to do with money whatsoever.”

Glastonbury Festival takes place at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, from 27-29 June. Stay posted for the full interview with Michael Eavis and more exclusive Glastonbury news.