Muse nominated for MTVus Woodie Awards

[admin] May we remind you that it is FAR more improtant that you vote for in this year's Digital Music Awards. Each vote adds 7 years to your life and will feed your family for the next 3 days. Be fansnazztic. And vote.

Muse just posted a bulletin on Myspace:


Subject: Muse has been nominated for MTVu's annual Woodie Awards!

Body: This year's awards will be taped in NYC on Oct 25th and will be Simulcast on November 2nd on MTVu, MTVUber (online) and MTVu Mobile.

MTV and MTV2 will also air a 30 min version of the Woodies on November 4th.

Muse is up for the Alumni Woodie - (a.k.a. The You're Still OK in our Book Award)

For the artists who've graduated into the wide world of mega-stardom, but who haven't forgotten where they came from. And we're proud to say, "We knew them when..."

Winners will be determined solely by online voting. Vote for Muse here: