Muse News - The Secret Machines Canadian Video

Recently read an article about a "Star Maker"... how and what he does during the day;

"A day in the life of an A&R rep..."

There were some interesting bits:

...Then a conversation with Korda Marshall, head of East West, regarding airplay on the first Muse single, timing of the second single and plans for the next video to be shot in Canada while the band is touring with The Cure.

So maybe the next video is going to be shot in Canada...

...Then a call to Rich Costey, the U.S. producer/mixer who is currently in England about to remix and edit the next international single. We talk about how great it would be for Secret Machines, who I signed to Reprise and who Rich mixed, to open for the Muse U.S. fall tour.

Maybe "The Secret Machines" will be support for Muse when they do their first proper headlining tour of the USA.