Muse News

More great Muse news! Muse have been nominated for a Brit Award in the British Rock Act category. You can vote for them here. They have also been nominated for 4 NME Awards! You can vote for them to win Best Live Band, Best Album, Best Video and Best UK Band here.

We also have another message from the band who are currently in Australia on the Big Day Out tour and some exclusive photos of them rehearsing and playing at the Metro in Sydney.

'New Zealand and Australia are working out really well. The Big Day Out shows are hot and rowdy affairs with crowds jumping around in the sun and making it a pleasure to be out here. The club shows we are playing are really cool
nights. Sydney and Melbourne had packed audiences that went pretty mental.

One of the highlights of this festival tour is the travelling around with all the other bands. Playing with the same lineup for a few weeks means we're able to get to meet up with some cool people and see some of their own club shows on our days off. We checked out Aphex Twin and The Strokes recently that stood out as really good nights. Apart from the band and crew finding themselves looking like local cray fish after sitting beneath the ozone hole in New Zealand on the first afternoon we were there, skin has returned to most backs and faces now and we're loving the aussie way of life; throwing shrimps on bbq's and ducking out of the way of flying bats that look like something out of Jurrasic Park.

Back in a few weeks and looking forward to coming home after some dates in japan and performing on the