Muse Moving Back to London

The band have been scattered around the globe in recent times - with France, Ireland and the US among their homes.

Matt Bellamy's told Xfm he is looking forward to being nearer to his bandmates:

"We've actually never made a full album in London we've made bits here occasionally. Chris has always lived in Devon and then he lived in Ireland for a while but now Chris has moved to London so we have all decided to move here because I think it would be great for us all to be in the same city together - living. We've never had that luxury before we've all been spread out so we've always had to travel to make albums somewhere."

He was talking to us at last night's NME Awards - where he was named the 'Hottest Man' and Muse won Best British Band for the second year in a row.

The band's last album 'The Resistance' came out in 2009.

Matt Bellamy told us they are hoping the follow up will be out sometime in 2012 - but don't intend to rush it:

"It would be nice to be based in the same place so we can go out and so we can make an album together and also socialise together at the same time. It also means we can make the album over a longer period of time without having to pressurise it all in to a three week studio session, you can spread it out."

The frontman's lovelife has been the subject of much speculation due to his high-profile relationship with Hollywood actress Kate Hudson.

The pair have confirmed that they are expecting a child together but have denied rumours of an engagement.

Matt Bellamy came over all coy when we asked him about it - but said the relationship won't see him permanantly across the pond:

"I'm kind of living out there now I'll be dividing my time for a while but towards the end of the year I'll probably be spending more time in England."