Muse Magazine in Rock Sound

Rock Sound has a Muse poster/mini magazine in the July 2007 issue. The magazine is copied below and focuses on their careers so far.

New Born Band

"We want to do music as much as we can and we hope it will lead to something else - I think we're capable of it."

Right from the early days when Muse were barely out of stripy tops and bobbed hair-cuts, Matt Bellamy had conviction as his words from an unpublished early interview recall. Like most bands on the Exeter scene in the mid-90's, Muse were regulars at the Cavern Club, both giggling in the shadowy corner by the mixing desk trying to hide the pints they weren't old enough to drink and on stage, playing any support slot that was thrown at them. Back then, the sparks of early genius set them aside from many of the other 'local' acts. Now, as they set about engaging two nights gracing the new Wembley Stadium's stage, it's hard to imagine the polished perfection of the Muse stadium act - complete with full-on futuristic light show - was once three Teignmouth boys with a wash of effects pedals, a dream, and the possibility of achieving it.

More switched on than most young bands, Muse followed the invaluable advice of early supporter Dennis Smith who ran The Sawmills Recording Studio in Cornwall and recorded a demo for the band for free.

"We got ourselves played on the evening sessions - there were always a lot of positive things happening but it was all very gradual," remembers the flamboyant frontman. "Dennis met up with his partner in London and invented a production company. We had this plan to use record companies to licence our albums off us so we don't have any record companies telling us what to do. The best advice we had from Dennis was not to move to London too quickly and to keep working on it from home, to build up a following. We played 'Manchester In The City' and there were a couple of interested American labels, which was quite weird at the time as we all had full-time jobs - I was a painter and decorator. We were getting offers of deals and having to fly out to New York and LA. We ended up getting signed to Maverick and we'd go off to America and come back to our jobs. We were getting treated better than we've ever been treated since! They were taking us to the Oscars ceremonies!"

Supermassive Story

While the trio, completed by bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard, were attracting international attention, they were also grabbing column inches in Rock Sound - and we've had our beady eyes on them since our presses first started rolling! Catching our attention with the striking debut 'Showbiz' in '99, the trio graced the exposure of pages of issue three and our then-editor Will Luff only just made it back from the 'On The Road' feature, issue seven! During the early years, the boys made the most of life on the road and had a few rock 'n' roll moments.

"We lost it the other day in Munich" Matt Bellamy told Darren Taylor in issue 14. "We went all that way to play a gig and we got pulled at the last minute. The reason why we couldn't play was because the PA system turned up too late. We were supporting No Doubt, they played and we were just sat in a dressing room for 12 hours. It was a real shambles and we just trashed the place. There's a bill for £3,000. Basically there were fridges, tables, chairs and bottles of wine, but the damage we really did was throwing the fridge at the wall a few times and the wall sort of... broke." They even admitted to throwing a TV out of a window to "help a seedy old record company geezer with his rock 'n' roll moment". ...