Muse looking good in SA

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They are considered Britain's hottest act, though they can hardly be called mainstream or radio-friendly at this point. Indeed, the slow-bubbling hype surrounding Muse in England and throughout Europe was built by creating a fan base much like Dave Matthews did in this country.

"It's been through word of mouth, it really wasn't through radio play or anything like that," said Muse lead singer Matthew Bellamy about the buzz generated by the band's raw energy concerts. Muse headlines the "MTVU Campus Invasion" with fellow Brit rockers Razorlight at Sunset Station Lone Star Pavilion on Tuesday. Show time is 8 p.m. Tickets are . Much of Muse's time off-stage on the MTV tour has been spent on American college campuses. They also have taken in a couple of NBA games and even went fishing in Michigan.

"Campuses in America are so big that it's almost like a town itself," he said. "There are only a handful of universities (in Britain) that are comparable. Here you have entire towns that become a campus. I don't think there's anything on that scale in England."