Muse Live in Salzburg and Vienna

Yesterday i was at the Frequency Festival and it was an amazing gig! The setlist was:

1. Map of the problematique
2. Hysteria
3. Bliss (long version)
4. Forced in intro
5. Supermassive black hole + new riff
6. Starlight
7. Invincible
8. Plug in baby + Riff
9. Butterflies & hurricanes (best version ever!)
10. New born
11. Stockholm syndrome
12. SS-riff + new riff (very loud riff)
13. Take a bow
14. time is running out
15. Knights of cydonia

I saw a poster "Muse live 8. Dezember im wiener gasometer"
That means Muse plays on the 8th december in vienna!

Thanks to hyper_bliss for this :)