Muse interviewed in NME Review Dundee

Here is the interview of Muse in NME magasine

NME : Welcome back! How do you think it went tonight?
Chris : Not bad for a first gig
Dominic : It went well. We played three new ones, people kind of got it straight away. We were really nervous, but it was cool, I think we got away with it.
Matt : I was good. I really enjoyed playing that last sonf (KOC)

So which new ones went down the best?
Matt : KOC went down well for being such a weird song. I'm glad it did.
Dom : It was great to see people just getting 'Starlight' straight away too. But the riff at the end of KOC really did kick off!

Was that spontaneous then?
Matt : It's a song that's always taking on new dimensions, even when we were rcording it. In a few years, I imagine it'll be a monster!

SMBH is real departure. When did you start singing like Prince Matt?
Matt : I'm not sure. I've always been fond of a bit falsetto. I did a bit on the second album [OoS] on 'Micro Cuts' that was a bit operatic sounding. But since then I've always wanted to do a song that's falsetto but not operatic.

What's the influence for changing the style?
Matt : [it's influeneced by] guitar bands trying ti steal the dancefloor back from R&B and rap, which have dominated for the last 10 years, and bands like Franz have done a very good job of that.
What else is coming up then?
Dom : We've got a few gigs in Italy then festivals
Matt : Before the album comes out we'll do some kind of gig in London. But basically years of touring!
Dom : Around October, November, December we'll be doing indoor shows.

Playing the Carling weekend : Reading and Leeds Festivals must be a big challenge - Artic Monkeys are on before you. Are you worried you'll be upstaged?
Matt : The Monkeys are great, I saw them play in New York, great lyrics.
Dom : It's going to be an amazing show. Reaging's the first festival we really went to. I remember seeing Rage Angainst the Machine and Weezer and thinking 'One day we're going to play on it'. But then you look at it and think 'That's massive!'

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