Muse interviewed in Drowned in Sound

A new interview with Muse has appeared in drowned in sound:

In a world of safe, predictable, eagerly-devoured playlist fodder, you always need that other option. Love them or hate them, that Muse provoke such polarised opinions warrants respect alone. In fact, the very reason they're collosal rock stars now is because they shake things up so much; if you've heard the new single, you'll surely know that they're anything but predictable.
Ahead of the release of their fast-approaching fourth album Black Holes And Revelations, DiS grabbed five minutes [admin: cough hahaha] with bassist Chris Wolstenholme.

What are your thoughts and feelings on your new album?

“We’re really pleased with it. With this album we set out to really try and achieve something and make every song as good as it could be. We had a little more time than usual to mull over the tracklisting and which songs we wanted to use or cut (about four weeks) so it all had a little time to settle in and we each got the chance to take the album home and listen to it in its entirety before making any big decisions.”

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