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About Muse in the U.S
"I work at the Seattle, WA radio station mentioned above (1077 The End) and I just want everyone here to know that Muse is blowing up. TIRO is in full rotation and everytime I play it I get a handful of calls from listeners wanting to know how to get their hands on it. The song consistently appears in the nightly top 10 most requested songs segment too. We have even busted out Stockholm Syndrome once or twice to tease.

Just a warning - the takeover has begun. Now we just have to be patient until March when things really blow up."

This was posted by some American dude on the official messageboard!!
Here is the link to that radio stations website -

(P.S. When you are on the site it has the top ten from that station on the left hand side of the page near the bottom)

Also, Hysteria from the Muse Live at Channel V has been uploaded

Time Is Running Out

Stockholm Syndrome


Edit: Thanks to Jimted for reporting this ;)