Muse in Twilight

MTV: Down at the panel, you revealed that there'll be a song by Muse on the soundtrack. What else can you tell us about it?

Hardwicke: Yeah, we've got a Muse song in a really cool place in the movie that totally rocks. I think people are going to be excited.

MTV: Does it have a title? Is it a new song or old?

Hardwicke: It's a song that exists, but they might be doing a cool remix for us. Like a little "Twilight" version. That would be awesome. Fingers crossed!

MTV: But they're not going to change the lyrics and, like, put in references to Edward and Bella or something.

Hardwicke: No, no. Not the lyrics. But there might be a cool mix, just a little bit of extra "Twilight" stuff to fit the scene. And then we've got Rob's songs too.

MTV: Exactly. So this is "Bella's Lullaby"?

Hardwicke: Well, no. It's not "Bella's Lullaby." It's in another place in the movie, which is really heartbreaking. It's at quite an amazing place in the film.