Muse In Rock Sound

Muse are the one of the 6 main featured bands in this months (July) Rock Sound magazine. They have a huge interview (which is too long to type up and I haven't got a scanner - so scans please :)). The pictures of the band are the ones that we have seen before.

In the album review section, Black Holes And Revelations scored 8/10 (Rock Sound are traditionally the harshest markers around).
They said this about the album:-

Even if you didn't know Matt Bellamy had been living in Italy for the last year you could probably guess from the last three tracks here. All of them are enhanced by the kind of quixotic, atmospheric Italian folk that Ennio Morricone used to such great effect in Spaghetti Westerns. In fact you get a pretty good idea of what the whole band have been doing since 'Absolution'. They're been listening to everything from Nine Inch Nails ('Map Of The Problematique') to 50s pop ('Soldier's Poem') to Queen ('Take A Bow'), presumably while reading the conspiracy theories and deranged sci-fi that inspired the lyrics. Mostly, though, they've obviously been in the studio recording this album. Its incredibility complex, electric record that contains some of their best tunes yet