Muse in NME

Matt Bellamy on Reading - (Does anyone have the article which was written in Kerrang?):

It was an easy decision to do the festival because the album's coming out in the summer. We want to play, so where better to play than a summer festival?
Short Q&A under the title "RETURN OF THE KINGS":

Looking forward to Reading And Leeds?
Yeah. It'll be quite nerve-wracking coming back after having not played for a while.

You're on after Arctic Monkeys. Are you a fan?
I saw them play in New York. They've got good lyrics and they're pretty cool. I met one of their mums. I think it was one of their mums. Came up to me in a bar and said, 'How's it going?'

How did you spot an Arctic mum?
She was pretty hot - surprisingly young!