Muse in NME

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How do you feel?
Matt: Its great, its the first NME award we've won since Best New Band four years ago or so. We're glad we've got this far. We won the BRIT award for live but this is better cos its voted for by punters.

Where will you keep it?
Matt: I'm going to put some butter on it and stick it up Doms....

How Would You Describe The Last 12 Months
Matt: Incredible beyond what we hoped for

What do you want to achieve this year?
Gigs that are so big we can't even get in without a helicopter

Pete- Hero or Villain?
Matt: hero- he's got a big heart. He means well

Who is the best dressed person here?
Matt: Dita Von Teese she looks like a porcelain doll. Really amazing

Who Should win an Award?
Matt: It would be nice to see Bloc Party win something

Matt: Cheers thanks.. well unfortunately we don't have the autocue like these boys so we don't have the gags together. But we'd just like to thank - obviously- the people who voted, the people who come and see us play, all the cats on our table over there. And lastly music, for being the source of our existence. Thanks to all the fans."

Dom also got a special mention for Most hardened drinkers "special mentions to Franz Nick MCCarthy and Dominic howard of Muse. While others floundered they were partying at Sheperds Bush K west hotel through the night.