Muse in NME

Thanks to InMuseWorld for this piece of news :)

Reported by Em: in this weeks UK issue of NME on page 4 is a double page spread on Muse and Matt´s accident with his guitar. There is a REALLY big picture of him with alot of blood all over his face, chin, t-shirt, his hand and his arm. It also has a picture of the exact moment he hit his face with the guitar. It looks as if when he was bringing his guitar up to play above his head he hit it on the edge of it where there is a curve. There is also a picture of Dominic explaining and apoligising to the crowd about having to cancel the show. It says that he then smashed up his own face with his drumsticks!
On the back inside cover of the magazine there is another picture of Matt in black and white but with the blood bright red and there is also American flag in the background. It says that next week there is an exclusive on-the-road feature on Muse. The headline is ´ The freaks shall inherit the Earth!´ and ´Muse Rain Blood On America´. I don´t have a clue what it means (the freaks part i mean) but there is a possibility that they will be on the front cover.
I have also heard that there will be an interview on TV with Muse in about 2 weeks time. More details will follow.