Muse in Exams

Thanks to Angel Clown for this news, we hope the exam went well for you!

I'd just like to say I am fresh out of my 6th year Advanced Higher Music exam and guess what was featured in question 4?

MUSE - Space Dementia!

It was brill! I jumped up on my seat and started giggling! The moderator sorta looked perplexed and my music teacher just rolled his eyes and shook his head!

And it was an easy one too. What sound effect was there at the beginning? (reverb/delay)
What pattern did he use on the synth? (The very same one that our Matt is famous for - arpeggio/broken chord - cheers Matt!)
What two features were in the bass? (Octave leaps and chromatic progression - cheers Chris!)

The notation question was a tricky one though. They gave you a score where two notes had incorrect accidentals and you had to circle them. Think I got that one wrong but I'm not sure.

Oh well. I don't care. MUSE WAS IN MY EXAM!!!!