Muse In Clapham

The first of the 'Brits Are Coming' shows took place last night at the Clapham Grand in London.

Muse, Sugababes and Big Brovas performed a couple of tracks to a select crowd of competition winners and 'specially invited guests'.

The shows are being put on in the lead up to the Brit awards in February. We caught up with Matt from Muse just after he came off stage, their performance was great and whilst his adrenalin was still obviously still pumping, he told us he wasn't sure what the show was all about but he was delighted to do it:

"I just played a TV show. I don't know what it is, I think it's something to do with the Brits. We've never been nominated before so I it would be a pleasure to be nominated. It's never happened to us before so I don't really know, I'm not really expecting a nomination but it would be nice if one comes.

"I'm not sure how they put together who wins; I think it's some weird panel of executives who are voting in whoever they've got shares in. I don't know how it works, but I'm sure it's all above board."

The nominations for the 2004 Brit Awards will be announced on 12 January and the ceremony will be held at Earls Court on Tuesday 17 February.

Here's the link: