Muse in China

China Music Radar, a website dedicated to rock music in mainland China, reports that Muse may have signed a contract to play in the People's Republic.

The article links to a screenshot of a (now deleted) tweet from Matt, showing a document written in simplified Chinese. However it also describes some of the issues related to foreign acts playing in China, such as the extreme difficulty in obtaining performance licenses. It also cites the less-than-harmonious nature of some of the band's lyrics. During their 2010 concert in Hong Kong, screen footage of then-president Hu Jintao during United States of Eurasia led to a sharp intake of breath from some in the audience.


Controversies involving foreign bands are common: The Rolling Stones and Suede were both forced to edit their set lists during concerts (the latter cutting their setlist to one hour, with almost all of the hits omitted), whilst Elton John and Bjork both caused outrage with political statements onstage. Oasis also had a concert in Beijing called off at the last minute, although it was scheduled only a few weeks before the band split up.

Despite the size of the country, the market for foreign acts is fairly small since international music is not promoted extensively and the live music scene is not yet well developed, therefore it is not yet a very cost-effective place to tour. However the situation is changing: Travis and even Public Image Limited have played sold-out concerts in Beijing and Shanghai during the past few months.

Muse are currently scheduled to play in the Far East in August, with a festival appearance lined up at Japan's Summer Sonic.