Muse Going Back To The States

Bloody Yanks... why do they always get all the action!!?

hides from American members

Muse are set to return to the US in 2 weeks time. Playing radio related as well as their own gigs, the tour dates are as follows;

Sept. 18 - Los Angeles - KROQ Inland Invasion.
Sept. 19 - San Diego *- KZBT Radio Show - SDSU Open Air Arena.
Sept. 21 - San Francisco - The Warfield.
Sept. 22 - Sacramento - UC Davis Freedom Hall.
Sept. 24 - Vancouver - Commodore Ballroom.
Sept. 25 - Seattle, WA - KNDD End Fest - White River Ampitheatre.
Sept. 26 - Portland, OR - Bossanova.

We are looking forward to confirming furthur US dates for later this year. Check back soon for these show details.
For links to buy tickets, go to the tour dates on

Also, some news about Muse in Perth:

Hi. Hope things are cool. We're in Perth and Australia is looking sweet. Playing the major cities in Aus and looking forward to it a lot. Chris is looking to get back on the bass. He's finding it easier to play so we will see how he gets on tomorrow. Morgan is still with us and its great to have him still here with us.

Go to if you want to see some new clips and photos. Stuff from the US and V festival. More coming tomorrow I hope. Got a couple of issues with compression on the clips, sorry about that, still enough to enjoy though I believe.

Take care,