Muse George Michaels Wembley gig was a joke

Rockers Muse have blasted George Michael's recent performance at London's newly revamped Wembley Stadium, branding his gig "a joke".

The Too Funky star played the first ever concert at the new venue on Saturday, but Muse drummer Dom Howard thinks his band's two nights at the stadium will be much better.

He says, "George Michael doing Wembley is a joke. Who cares? Our show is going to be massive, it's the pinnacle."

However, he admits to pre-gig nerves: "I've been very cocky about it behind closed doors but I've been s**ting myself about it as well."
Tom: I can't help thinking now, that if Muse don't deliver as promised, it could make them the laughing stock of the year. Don't get too complacent! Good luck guys!