Muse for Glastonbury

Yahoo recently published this article on their website. The date, June 26th, ties in with a comment the infamous Mr. X made in our forums a few weeks ago, stating that their first gig would be on the 26th June.

Glastonbury Festival organisers are planning a major surprise with an unknown special guest this summer, they have revealed.

The full bill for the 2009 event was announced yesterday, with Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Blur headlining.

Emily Eavis has also indicated that punters can expect another major act during the weekend but will not say who.

"There's a really top surprise on The Park which will definitely not come out because otherwise we'd have a health and safety issue. You can start guessing", she explained.

"I don't think it will ever be announced. It will just happen for those people that happen to be there, hopefully for the people that are fans of the band", said Eavis, daughter of festival founder Michael.

Glastonbury 2009 takes place on June 26-28 and is now sold out