Muse for Glastonbury 08

Michael Eavis has revealed that he wants Muse to headline Glastonbury in 2008.

The dairy farmer was in talks with the trio to perform at this year’s festival, but Muse opted to play at Wembley stadium instead.

Speaking about the conversation he had with the band, Eavis commented “So I said ‘Why don’t you put it off till next year?’”

In the interview with the BBC, Eavis continued that he hoped to run Glastonbury for at least another decade, saying: "I'm going to keep on for another 10 years at least I reckon, touch wood and all the rest of it. One day I suppose I will feel my age, will I?"

Glastonbury has officially opened its gates to the public this morning, with music and all the other frivolities starting on Friday.