Muse Featured in Japanese Magazine

This was translated from the July 1 edition of Japanese Magazine Rockin' On by "Uchu", a member of the messageboards. Please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes

In the article, Matt says 'I was inspired by Geroge Orwell's "1984", and there is a hidden love story in it. I felt so powerful that two people use love as a means of resistance and to resist the situation they struggle. The harmony of a love story and discontent with politics - that's one of the themes of the album.'

Besides, he mentions what the new songs are like.
?Mix of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and classical music
?New standard of discotheque number
?Glam rock song like T. Rex

And He added 'The normalest song in the new album is close to the most strange song in BHR. laughs It may be quite different from everyone's speculation.'

More details (I mean it is the full interview) will be revealed in the next issue of the magazine.