Muse DVD - Ya Really

Thanks to the French fan club ( / Ben Tavares) for relaying and translating the Warner France's message to them.

The DVD is still open to a few changes, however this is what we should expect!

Muse will release new DVD 'The Haarp Tour : Live From Wembley' on December, 3rd.

This DVD will come with a live CD and will be released in 3 formats :

1. One package CD + DVD collector in a box, with the CD, the DVD plus exclusive postcards
2. CD + DVD on a classic format
3. The DVD only in a classic package

The DVD will also contain some images from the backstage, a documentary about the 2 nights in Wembley and the almost complete gig from the 17th June.

Track listing (not yet confirmed) :

1. Knights of Cydonia
2. Hysteria
3. Supermassive Black Hole
4. Map of the Problematique
5. Butterflies and Hurricanes
6. Hoodoo
7. Feeling Good
8. Invincible
9. Starlight
10. Time is Running Out
11. Newborn
12. Soldiers Poem
13. Unintended
14. Blackout
15. Plug in Baby
16. Stockholm Syndrome
17. Take A Bow

The CD will contain a mixed selection of tracks from both nights. Approximate length : 45 minutes. Track listing not announced yet. Comment: Bitching... but where are Citizen Erased and Microcuts?

This post illustrates a point beautifully. It's a shame that the 16th footage won't be used for the DVD... Click