Muse doing well in the US

Found this on DiS

Other British names doing well for themselves are Joss Stone (60), The Who's Best Of (162) and also Muse whose ’Absolution’ LP has finally been released in America and slips inside the top 200 for a second week in a row. By the sounds of things Muse - whose last album didn’t even get released in America cus Madonna was too busy arguing with Warner or something - are about to blow up bigger than The Darkness, but we’ll have more news about this as it happens… we’ve also heard a lot about the Cooper Temple Clause winning over the hearts of Americans on the back of their first major tour over there, and they join The Cure on a massive tour around America this summer too.

And there's some other stuff there aswell, stuff about Coldplay and whatnot.

It said Muse are gonna be bigger than The Darkness - kind of. Haha, like hell they will!