Muse Day Feedback

Thanks to [Bliss] From IMW

The usual MTV logo has been replaced by a better looking one, reading MUSEDAY. Pity that it lasted only 1 day!

The three guys sat on a colourful sofa to be interviewed by the most stupid girl on earth at MTV Select. She asked Chris what his favourite song is... THREE times! Because she didnt understand what he was saying! And she asked Dominic twice! Then she tried to justify her behaviour by saying "I'm sorry but the guys speak too fast and they've got this strong scottish accent..." ...SCOTTISH? I thought they were from Devon. Oh well. Anyway, Matt's favourite song is Butterflies and Hurricanes, Dom's is Stockholm Syndrome («because it rocks»... isn't he sweet!) and Chris' is Apocalypse Please.

Fortunately this show didn't last too long and another one came at night, with a 1 hour long interview. We learnt that Dom used to listen to hip hop music when he was a teenager, that the leds on Matt's guitar sometimes don't work (but they worked during the gig that followed) and that Matt is still dating his Italian girlfriend.

Some info about the new album: -Matt confirmed that the album will be released in the USA, probably next year, and they'll also tour America because they feel ready to break the American market.
-Stockholm Syndrome was released on the web because they needed to launch the new website. They shot the clip by themselves at home and during the filming they used water and ice blocks and they even got naked! Since it was the first time it was played on Italian TV, Matt said «I have to warn you that it's a really cheap one!»
-They said that being a trio is cool and has worked good so far but maybe in the future they will change that and have new members. Maybe they will even play with a whole orchestra on stage one day.
-During the making of Absolution, Rick Costey forced them to play songs parts even 10 times! Once, for one song, they spent ages setting up the drums part, they had to take all the drums outside and stuff, and after that he said «This is shit»! So they had to do it all again, wasting 1 whole day!

While some old interviews were being aired, the guys laughed their ass off at Chris' old afro hairdo! And after the Unintended clip was aired, Matt said he's a bit embarassed about that kinda romantic stuff he wrote. At the end they spoke about Dom's ability in sewing and they said he's got a small sewing machine that he usually carries with him so that he can adjust everybody's clothes! The interview ended with Matt saying that if the floor would still be shining, he would do a cool knees-slide at the end of the gig (which he unfortunately didn't). Then they went to the dressing room.

The gig was really cool. Here is the tracklist:
02.Thoughts of a dying atheist
05.Citizen erased
06.Butterflies and hurricanes
08.Time is running out
09.Plug in baby
10.Stockholm syndrome
They ended the concert with a cool jam sounding like those they used to play when they had Showbiz as last song.