Muse considering album title Cryptography- K Radio t-script

You know that rumour floating around the other day which was posted here... someone in the shoutbox i think... It seems as though Muse found out about it!

Here's a (supposed) transcript of the interview with Muse on K! radio: (take with a pinch of salt... you know what those pranksters on the muse boards are like, it's probably fake)

Yeah, it's going to be great to be touring again, because as a band that's what we do, we make music and it makes sense to be out in clubs playing. Also, we want to get a feel for crowd reaction for the new stuff we have written and in a live situation we often find we can rewrite stuff and improve what we have, that is when the creative juices are really going. We do hope to have an album out this year but we are not making any promises, some of it has been recorded but we shall probably have another bash at it before final release. I am proud of what we have done so far with alot more influence from the spanish guitar going into our work. The thing that we were struggling with most for this new album was the title, we had a couple of ideas but, for reasons that our message board users may understand, we are now seriously considering calling it Cryptography.

Dom: hysterical laughter Yeah, chuckles thats a bit of an on running joke on our message boards just now, Tom Kirk has been buried in messages from some of our users asking him if they can get their item of the new album.

Chris: that we havn't even finished yet yeah well we looked it up. We try to keep an eye on the forums from time to time but this had us completely baffled. It turned out that some users had sort of banded together in winding up others. They made up track listing and cover art and even bass lines... It was all a bit mad and apparently there have been hundreds of hits on ebay and google looking for an album that doesn't exist... laughs So now we feel tempted, in their honour, to call it Cryptography because it is even a pretty cool name

Dom: certainly better than anything you ever came up with ha ha Thanks man, thanks alot..