Muse Conquer Japan

Update: Click here to watch an interview of the band from Summersonic!

Thanks to vspirit for transcribing this in the official forums. It seems Muse's appearence at the Summersonic festival in Japan last night was very successful.

If one were to casually look up at the seated area from the arena, they’d only expect to see the crowd extend up to at least the second tier, not people jam packed like sardines all the way up to the very furthest row on the third. But that’s exactly the case for this show. It goes without saying that security was tight today, with security personnel keeping an extra close watch from the gates at the front area of the arena. Despite that, people were undeterred and packed the Marine Stage to the brim. And it’s little wonder. They were all gathered here by the power of Muse, after all. Branded as “heretics of the UK rock scene”, they’ve taken various elements of other music and turned them all into something that’s completely their own, and achieved great success with it. Just when you think you’re getting high on Matt’s trademark falsetto, you’ll find yourself being taken even further, to somewhere beyond your limits, by the elegant and haunting melodies easily being coaxed out of the white upright piano that’s set towards the back of the stage. And if that's not enough, there’s also the heavy stuff complete with rock steady beats and awesome noises to send you well on your way to your trip to the moon. With the beautiful, violet-hued sky indicating the fine line between end-of-daylight/start-of-twilight on top of everything, the show was so bone-shiver inducing, not many were left dry-eyed when the band made their exit.

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