Muse ConnecToMe Project - LIVE

One of our crafty forum members, MrNillo, has just uncovered a micro-site on the official website. Fans are encouraged to add themselves to a visual network of Muse fans, with the objective of unlocking sections of 'The 2nd Law: Isolated System'.

Click here to get started!

The Social Connectome allows you to add yourself to a visual network of Muse fans, build your own branch of friends and unlock an exclusive track from the new album The 2nd Law. As more and more fans join the network, incremental 30 second clips of the new track The 2nd Law: Isolated System will be revealed.

On the Connectome, each of you is represented by a branch that shows how you’ve entered the experience, whether linked from Muse directly or referred by a friend. Connect your profile in the left column to help unlock the song and build your own branch by sharing your own unique link with friends. All these actions together will eventually form the Social Connectome for The 2nd Law.