Muse Clapham

Thanks very much to Chris for emailing me this, i wish other people would do things like this - they will get posted on the site!!

After hearing about the CD:UK broadcast on the official web site myself and
a friend of mine frantically phoned the phone number provided to get tickets
- which we did. Apparently the company we called kept our numbers and were
commissioned to call a select amount of fans to watch Muse perform again. We
both got a call on Tuesday afternoon asking if we wanted to attend a filming
for a show about the Brit Nominations. One swift "yes" and we were 8 tickets
better off. So off we headed to the Clapham Grand (which is mercifully just
down the road from where I live). We arrived at about 6 o'clock (doors
opened at about 6.30) to the most varied crowd I have ever seen. You name it
they were there, teeny boppers, wannabe ganstaz (or however the f*k they
want to spell it), indie kids, a couple of old rock looking fans and no one
really had any idea what was going on or why they were there. After
nattering to a couple of people who were under the impression that they were
there to see Atomic Kitten or someone similar, we were just baffled as to
what the hell was going on.
Eventually the doors opened and there was a mad dash to the stage. The
Clapham Grand is not the biggest venue in the world so it was easy to get a
spot about 3 metres from the stage...however the bar was calling so we gave
up our spaces and opted to have a beer instead.
A rather annoying guy came on stage to try and get everyone cheering - so
they can film footage and splice it into the show etc etc - and started
picking on some poor essex girl called Lorna, or "cheap and easy essex
slapper" as he called her.
Anyway on stage was Matt's monstrous keyboard, Dom's drum-kit and a bass amp
for Chris.
The compere/mc/bloke said something to the people which was a bit odd, and
we only realised why he said it later on. He said to the crowd that even if
the music being played is not what they would normally enjoy could they
still smile and look like they were getting into it - for the cameras.
After a bit more banter Muse arrived on stage. There was minimal chat from
them and the perched at their instruments - Matt wearing a skin tight white
top with a picture of someone on it. I was trying to work out who, but
couldn't - if anyone can let me know who it is when the show is broadcast, I
would be grateful :) - and Dom was sporting a beanie of some sort - even
though it was as hot as hell in there!
They played Endlessly first off, which was one of the songs that I would hit
FWD on Absolution, so initially I was tiny bit disappointed. However after I
actually *listened
to the song, its really good. Very emotional and I now
look at this track in a new light. Its really good - or did I say that
Then it was a quick check with the camera crew to see if all was recorded ok
and it was on to the next number, Time is Running Out.
It was a fantastic version of the tune with Matt really giving it his all,
especially during the 'Ooooohhh' bits.
The reaction from the people in the crowd who weren't there to see Muse was
priceless!! They were being forced to listen to this sort of music which
they would normally pigeon-hole as "Heavy Metal" or something inaccurate
like that, and they had to look excited and happy otherwise they would not
be on TV (as I'm sure that was their motive for going). I've never seen so
many fake smiles in my life.
The genuine fans were down at the front jumping round and loving it.
And then it was over. All to brief but one of the very few chances of
catching Muse at a venue this size ever again.

Then the stage was cleared of everything except three microphones. Our worst
fears had come true. It was a band who play none of their own instruments,
and write none of their own songs. great.
Turned out to be the sugababes.
Our cue to head to the bar and leave the floor. I wouldn't want any
documented evidence that I was ever at a sugababes gig broadcast to the
After screwing up a song a few times they had to do it again and then,
mercifully, they were off. Then the stage was set up with six stools and six
mikes. We got ready to leave as the bar was rapidly loosing its appeal if we
had to be subjected to more of this sort of shite.
Then Big Brovaz (sp?) came on stage to do a song or 5. Suddenly standing in
the cold waiting for an over crowded bus to come along was looking like a
damned good option and its one that I', glad we took.
I had been there to see what I wanted to see.

PS: when it is broadcast, look for the guy in the back of the crowd (6 rows
back or something) rather foolishly wearing a blue t-shirt with FBI scrawled
on the back in massive yellow letters, rumour has it that he a really nice
guy ;-)