Muse at NME Awards

Last night Muse won 3 awards - Best Live Band, Best Album Artwork (HAARP) and Sexiest Male (Matt Bellamy). Check the updates and videos below for how the events unfolded. Well done Muse! We should hopefully expect a tour in Autumn.


Apparently the "super secret appearance" is Blur.

Update 2

Doors have opened - expect updates soon. This feed should get busy soon!

Update 3

Look who it is!. Muse are at the NME Awards

Update 4

One of our members, my_tiro, overheard Radio 1's interview with Matt Bellamy.

Bellamy just let slip live on Radio 1 to Zane Lowe that the new album is "fucking genius!." He also said hes got a "good feeling about this one, and that doesn't usually happen"
For the hardcore of you reading, Ollyog (a member here), is at the awards. He seems to be stalking the band - here's his feed.

Update 5

Best live band award goes to MUSE. They are accepting the award now - NME hope to speak to them soon. Well done Muse :-)

Update 6

HAARP misses out on best DVD - instead it goes to Arctic Monkeys. NME interview with Muse - keeps cutting out - they are surprised at winning the award after only playing a few gigs last year. HAARP has won best album art - Dom is confused with the sexiest male award! Interview was almost impossible to understand, the line kept cutting out - hopefully they'll interview them again soon.

Update 7

Muse miss out on best British band - instead it goes to Oasis. The crowd boo. Controversial! Sexiest Male all that's left now.

Update 8

Matt Bellamy wins sexiest male - with a jumper like that, I'm not surprised.

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