Muse at Emirates - Review Roundup

Muse performed two storming sets over this bank holiday weekend, accompanied by perfect weather, a

cast of actors
and, well...
a robot
. We thought the gigs were fantastic, but what do the papers think? Let us know if we're missing any notable articles.

The Independent - 3/5: "It's a show, alright, often reminiscent of U2 at their most Zoo TV-overblown and daftly brilliant. In terms of Muse’s music, though, it’s a long set, and varies in quality."

The Guardian - 4/5: "The first of two nights at Emirates is, by anyone's definition, a visual spectacular: any show that includes a
five-metre robot
and a
huge lightbulb that opens to reveal a pirouetting acrobat
is automatically in the running for most theatrical gig of the year."

The Telegraph - 3/5: "[...] the anti-capitalist shtick is all a bit too much, particularly when a pint of beer costs £6.50 and comes in a Muse-branded cup. Punters can claim £2 back if they return the cup after the show. It is the kind of ingenious financial engineering that got us into this mess in the first place." Tom: I think that was the subprime mortgage crisis actually - but sure, blame it on the cups.

The Sun: "[...] the crowd went insane when Matt hopped down from the podium into the audience during their track
Undisclosed Desires.

The Arts Desk: "They gave us a little over two hours of what is an increasingly treasured repertoire. It might have taken a little while to get going but by the final songs of the night – the rousing
“Uprising” and “Starlight”
- it was undeniably Muse 1, Emirates Stadium 0."