Muse And The Cure

Hello there. Hope you are all well. Just got back from the US and Canada after a damn special tour, and pleased to be told we are to go back soon to do it all again. Muse have been invited on the The Cure's 'Curiosa Tour' across the States for a couple of weeks this summer. Other bands playing on the bill are Interpol, The Rapture and Mogwai which I'm sure will be a great festival to check out. All the dates are in our tour section on

More lovely French festival dates have also been added for July which is great news too.

Apologies for those planning to go to the Rockwave festival in Athens, Greece. Logistical problems have forced the band to cancel the show, but Muse are keen to come back and play Greece as soon as they can.

The Band are performing Sing For Absolution on CD:UK tomorrow (Saturday morining) on ITV. The single comes out in the shops in England on Monday.

Cheers for now,

Dam, i wish i loved in the states!