Muse Admit To Glam Rock Influences

Muse Admit To Glam Rock Influences

Muse have admitted that their new album 'The Resistance' owes a lot to glam rock legends T-Rex and modern day disco diva Goldfrapp. Bassist Chris Wolstenhome said that the new record was "more kind of dancey and disco-y than anything we've done before."

As first single 'The Uprising' demonstrates, the trio have upped their game for the new album. "[We were] kind of almost influenced by things like Goldfrapp," says Wolstenhome. "Kind of like a rock version of what Goldfrapp would be. And influenced a little bit by some glam bands as well from the 70s and 80s."

Of the album's big finale, 'Exogenesis', the bassist said: "There's a track at the end which is like a three part symphony. There's something like a thirty piece orchestra playing on that. That one's a monster I think it's like sixteen minutes long."

You have been warned. The band will be airing the album on tour in November.

'The Resistance' is released on September 14.