MTV2 List

This is what will be happening in the weekend (20th/21st Sept) on MTV 2

Thanks to Hazz from the IMW board

12PM - Gonzo With Muse
1.30PM - The Making-Of Absolution
2PM - Muse - Live at Leeds University 2001
3PM - Muse videography (crap)
3.30PM - Muse Choose
5.30PM - Gonzo Replay
7.30PM - Muse Choose
10PM - Muse, Live At Le Zenith
11PM - The Making-Of Hullabaloo
11.30PM - The Making-Of Absolution


1.30PM - Muse Choose
3.00PM - Muse Choose, AGAIN.
3.30PM - Muse Videography
5.30PM - Gonzo with Muse
7.30PM - The Making-Of Absolution
8PM - Muse - Live at Leeds University 2001
10PM - The Making-Of Absolution
10.30PM - The Making-Of Hullabaloo