MTV 2 gonzo highlights

Thanks to InMuseWorld for this.

They spoke about absolution, tiro, religion ....

Some interesting parts:

"Are you religious?"
Matt: "No, not really, I also wasn't brought up with religion."

(concerning Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist)

Then the band told us, that they like to play smaller and bigger gigs. Matthew likes to see the audiences' faces and reactions to their music, while he is on stage.

Their most embarassing hobby: Fishing (like you can see on disc 2 of hullabaloo dvd).

Viewers asked why Muse's music is so depressing:
Matthew answered that it isn't depressing, especially on the new album. There is much of their personality in the new album and the lyrics mainl express positive feelings so it is the opposite to depressing music.

Another question was, why absolution is like a popular music cd:
Matthew replied, that absolution is exactly what they wanted to reach before recording the album. Tracks like TSP and Hysteria show that Muse don't play Pop-Music but Alternative music, which they want to do.

At MTV, they showed the three guys the kiss of Madonna at the VMAs. Matthew began to laugh, especially when they showed Justin Timberlake after Madonna had kissed Britney Spears. MTV Vj asked, what they say to this event. Matthew: "Good work."

Another question of the viewers was which person Muse really want to kick ass, or even beat up, if they could. They answered with one voice and said "Gareth Gates" (from Pop Idol) and laughed a lot. After saying that that tried to normalize their answer "Well....perhaps he's nice..." (laugh) and they said that they don't really like his "music".