Motor News

Got an e-mail from muse's German record comapny, motor. This is what they said (crudely translated using google!)

single "time is running out" the brilliant trio from the beschaulichen southEnglish Devonian increases with its new album "absolution" again in such a manner that it strikes the breath.

"time is running out" gives on that a first view: unbelievably intensively, dynamically without brakes and in things songwriting all first class.

The contrast from more vertonter, typical for MUSE, hardens and sweet melancholy shows up perfected, it gives disco Beats, distorted basses, chanson versatzstuecke, a marvelous refrain as well as orgiastische melancholy -, sound and songwriting increases.

There are lost pianolinien, confidential melodies, dreamed caper he arrangements and disturbing breaks a packing interrelation between loud and quietly, love and hate, harmony and kompromisslosigkeit. more MUSE than ever before.

the single "time is running out" appears on 8 September

MUSE play live with radio Fritz and it can thereby be! on 09 September MUSE exclusively to Fritz fritz-studios the concert will give and songs for the next route will rehearse.

To their fan gig in Cologne they come with their route bus including equipment into the potsdamer Fritz of studios, before they continue to drive equivalent to Paris.

Starting from 17:30 bound exclusively before a small, selected live public play radio Fritz is the youth transmitter rbb for the Lands of the Federal Republic Berlin and Brandenburg and sends over the frequency 102.6 MHz in the area Berlin, in the InterNet over

more than one year ago opened the dead trousers lines up the Fritz studios concerts since then to have among other things blur, we are heroes, meal branch, patrice, mia, virginia now, miles and flower pot the exclusive radio concerts with radio Fritz given. how can belong to it to the 150 guests of the concert, experience you up:

MUSE 07.09.2003 plays in gloria in Cologne for this concert has we 10x2 safe guest listing places in vain & free of charge draws by lots the winners by mail informed for all different is called it to: early employ, draengeln, so for a long time clean-come is to full - and a marvelous evening enjoy. "absolution"/video "time is running out" MUSE bring on 22.09. their new album "absolution" raus.

See if you can understand / translate that more than me!!!!