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Another Update! Here's a better translation!

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A new album to the esteemed, successful Irish band. Muse finished their
eighteen months long tour this year. Nothing is known about the new
album and rumors suggest it may be a collection or tour album, planned
in order to satisfy the fans before the release of their forth album..

Update - It also seems that you can pre-order this CD (not DVD?) here

Following this news post, it seems that several websites have confirmed that the
release date for Muse - Cryptography is either the 7th or 8th of November. KROQ has also stated that it will be released on the 8th. Thanks to Londoner :)

{Update 2}
Thanks to Londoner :)

performance - to be transported - you - this year - to finish/complete - promise OTHER SENTENCE to be appraised - successful - Irish - band - new - album OTHER SENTENCE month - 18 - continuous - journey - Absolution - album - promotion - performance - album - talked-about/to come to a conclusion - completely/worldwide - perhaps - to indicate - rumor !!! - this month - album - regarding joke !!! - detail/particular/individual/apart from that - known/famous for - before/not yet OTHER SENTENCE fourth - studio - album - embarkation - before - fan/admirer - female - satisfy/fulfill - to be designed to/to meet - anthology/to be added to/to give someone - or

{/Update 2}


It seems this is available for pre-order (thanks to Londoner :)), but we're still not sure what it is. Can anyone helps us out with the translating?

Pre-order? - Update, I think it's hebrew.


According to "", a reliable foreign music website, Muse have a release expected in November (this year).

Due to be released on the 7th of November, "Cyrptology" is listed. This might be the sequel to Muse's Absolution, or it could also be a DVD.

If this website is legitimate and has its facts straight, I'm inclined to believe that this is going to be a DVD release of the American tour - that would fit with the title name as that is where they confused us all with their crazy anagrams!

Anyway, speculate people :). Personally, I think they have made a mistake!



This seems to be a pretty reliable source, I have just found a few other websites confirming this news:

Several Blogs. Try googling for "Muse - Cryptology"

There are conflicting dates for release. Some say that it is due for release on the 7th of November, some say the 8th. One blog also mentioned that this is the release date for the U.S.