More infos about the new album

Fans in Vancouver met the band (October 17th) and talked with the guys about the recording process. According to those in the know, the band are planning to take a short break in the recording process (after two weeks working non-stop) and come back to Vancouver in November to polish things off. On Instagram, they shared a picture with the caption "End of first session. It's been emotional".


End of first session. It's been emotional.

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According to fans that have met the band, Matt has said there will be "heavy riffs", which he likens to the sounds of Absolution and Black Holes & Revelations.

A few months ago, Matt talked about the influences of the new album on twitter, saying that it'll be "heavy" and would have a sequel to the song Citizen Erased from Origin of Symmetry (though take this with a pinch of salt!).

It appears that the band are also producing a "making of", as per previous albums.

The boys chose Vancouver as their recording location for "a change", and because the studio (The Warehouse Studios) has a very good reputation and mixer.

The album is scheduled to arrive in Summer 2015.

Sources: Muse I want the Truth, Muse France and @Wolstenboy.