More info about DES

Found this on the Muse forums :)

Still, such setbacks have not dampened Muse's fondness for live performance or life on the road. Bellamy becomes even more animated talking about the set list for next Saturday's show at Philadelphia's Electric Factory, promising a couple songs from first and second albums as well as a few new songs.
"Some of the stuff I'm writing at the moment emphasizes flamenco guitar, Tex-Mex stylings filtering through flamenco guitar, something I never found a way to bring into the band before," he says.

Do the songs have titles?

"We don't have names for them yet," says Bellamy. "I always leave the titles 'til the end."

Which leads him to this story: "At our shows fans will record [new songs], and then they will turn up on the Web with what the fans think are the titles. We have a crew member named Dez, and he [plays] some keyboards. For one of the new songs we taped a message on his keyboard, "Dez, change the patch here,' to remind him what to play at a certain point in the song. So that new song showed up with the title "Dez, change the patch here.' Everyone's written about it on the Web. Everyone's looking for some deep meaning."

So, so true...