Come on Muse, this is getting silly!

Make of this what you will! Anagrammers, start solving :P

This is the setlist from Last Night at East Lansling, MI

Anagrams to be solved: (Thanks to Davemuse for possible suggestions)

MONIKER PROBES (Debase Mason's Grog) (Poss: Broken Promise?)
UNPACKED RESIDENTS (Pee Candle) (Poss: Send Naked Pictures?)

Thanks to groovcat :)

She also had a chat with Matt about the track names :)

Oh and BTW - I had a little conversation with Matthew about these song titles that went something like this (not exact word for word, but what my memory serves me):

Me: "I think it's brilliant what you're doing with the song titles playing with us fans - who makes those up?"

Matt: "We all take turns .... it's scary how fast they figure them out!"

Me: "Yes, I think your fans are brilliant too - they usually have them figured out within hours"

Matt: "Ya, i thought I had them with the last one ... i thought that would be too tough..."

Me: "The email one?"

Matt:"Um ya. I want to make the new CD like a giant treasure hunt with all sorts of secrets and things to decode and it'll take people around the world to figure it out..."
(OK, this last thought of his went on longer and was more intense but he talks so fast and gets really animated and his energy and excitement is so contagious I unfortunately can't remember much more - so the above is just the gist of it)

Me: "Sweet - I'd go around the world to figure it out!"

Matt:"I think only 2 people would figure it out"

Me:"I would!"

Then we both laugh.