Message from Matt

Message from Matt.


We have just finished our first recording session for the new album... We lost it in Chateaux Miraval hanging around the ghosts of the Knights Templar (apparantly Jesus' ex-girlfriend was hanging around these parts once). too much talk about the pending oil crisis caused us to stock up on fire wood and ponder the aftermath - a clean water supply will be essential. Miraval offered this and more which only fanned the flames of paranoia (for more paranoia check ). We have recorded a fair bit but still have a long way to go. The drunken military marching band will definitely make it, the 33 randomised guitar overdubs on the church of sub genius and the cycling endlessly key-changing inferno have high chance of making it, but the flange bass does not have a promising future! We also think we may have approached a world record for the most anal guitar sound involving an arp synth, some antique Doctor Who synth, a handful of wammys, a museum worthy vox, and something Kraftwork invented. Dom's little redrum has caused a scene, hopefully it's on the mend, too much mouse clicking during frantic ebay sessions bidding for the good old days has taken it's toll. Anyway, we all feel this is gonna be something special. We're off now to the big lights to cash in on the last few breaths of a crumbling empire and will probably play scenes from sex in the city backwards through a big muff.

Kind Regards, Matt

Err... Thanks for that :-) - I think maybe we should be looking for some kind of crpytic message here!