Mercy Roundup

As you might be aware, Muse's new single, Mercy, was leaked yesterday afternoon after a link was exposed on Warner's content delivery network. Much to the joy and confusion of Muse fans worldwide, the track was quickly distributed on numerous fan sites and bulletin boards.

So, what do we know about the track so far? It's 3:51, sounds 'Starlight'-y and takes inspiration from the band's BH&R era. Many people have remarked at the track's lack of mixing quality, pointing out inconsistencies throughout, major clipping and claiming it's a victim of today's loudness wars.

It is, however, possible that this isn't the final version (despite it coming from the official Warner website). We'll have to wait until this evening to find out! Annie Mac will be premiering the single on her radio show at 7pm, at which point the single should be officially available.

Here's the artwork!

Mercy artwork