Matts New Message - FAKE

Someone has posted this message on the offical boards that aparently Matt wrote... board
"calm your heats, I think that you mislead on all… you do not know all the history my coconut, reasons to you. .je a little anything did you, then respect me… knows that I am well membré, you make can be complexes I am not a rot my guy… measurement your remarks… And I did not sleep with myriam then not stopped saying silly things… you want to know the history? for to judge and to insult somebody it be necessary know them hold and the outcome, you react as merdeux and I be sorry to see that you have still much of thing have learn on the life, on myriam (because it you tell it that it want you tell, and not the truth) and on you same (think with your head and not with your cock my guy)… I like not insult the people, and I it do not… discuss in adult. .tu it want? PS: all the girls who saw my cock, always said me that it was large, and me I know found the point G and I give orgasms… you must make a true complex….



Another bunch of anagrams? It makes no sense.... Maybe he was drunk :P