Matt Why I heart Prince

This week's NME included a picture of Muse on a zebra crossing in Luxembourg, and in a further act of randomness included a comment from Matt on why he likes Prince:

Apart from Jimi Hendrix, Prince is one of the greatest performers with a guitar there's ever been. The thing with him is he's totally in control of the guitar, but somehow manages to be a frontman who doesn't have a guitar at the same time. Brilliant songs, too - 'Sign O' The Times', 'Kiss', 'Purple Rain', 'Gett Off'. As a performer he's always been totally on the case. When he did that silly film Purple Rain, the live performance moments are the best moments in it. From that point of view, people like him and Hendrix, making the guitar part of your body onstage - they're the best at doing that. He's a massive inspiration.

Next week's NME will include an interview with Muse and a CD featuring tracks picked by the band, including a studio version of their Man Of Mystery cover.