Matt Talks BDO Surfing And Possible Mid-2007 Aussie Tour

Blunt Magazine #56
"The Big Day Out is one of our favourite tours," Matt Bellamy, frontman from Muse and BDO 2007's token heartthrob, announces. "We did it once before, and it was probably one of the best tours to get yourself on. It's always nice to tour through Australia during the summertime and get the chance to go to the beach and all that sort of stuff."

Two years have passed since Muse last played in Australia, and, after triumphing at 2004's BDO tour, they return for '07's festivities. But on the back of their most successful album to date, Black Holes and Revelations, older fans could be disappointed. "We'll definitely be playing a lot off our new album," Matt says. "Obviously we'll be consistently playing the newer tracks, but the stuff from our older albums will be mixed in."

The tour that's currently making its way across Europe, according to Bellamy, is quite the stadium spectacular. "It's been one of the biggest tours we've done, in terms of the venues we're playing and the production and everything that we're using; it's a big show we're putting on. It's been a challenge, but it's great fun and the crowds have been fantastic so far. I think for the Big Day Out we're playing in the daylight, so we'll have less kind of video stuff going on, but there'll still be some kind of presence there."

However, we shouldn't worry about missing the full experience; Bellamy's predicting Muse will return later in the year for another tour. "It's rumoured, later in 2007, maybe in your winter [that's June-August], that we might be doing a big production tour later in the year. For Big Day Out, we'll be a bit more slimline."

This revelation will relieve many who missed out on the chance to see Muse's sideshows, some of which sold out in less than an hour.

"We didn't realize that things like those sideshows would sell out so quickly," Matt gushes. "It's a lovely surprise, obviously. I remember when we were even surprised then that you can come so far away from home, pretty much the other side of the world, and get such a great response."

Australia isn't too far from home for Bellamy; he actually has family in Sydney.

"I have some cousins and an aunty and uncle, so I look forward to seeing them! My cousin's a keen surfer, so hopefully he'll give me some lessons." The image of a pale rock star riding the waves is enough to draw a shocked gasp from me. "I've never done it before, actually," Bellamy clarifies. "I've sat on a bodyboard and fallen of a few times, but I haven't actually got past that stage. I'm hoping my cousin will be able to teach me how to stand up on the board for at least a small wave. I'm looking forward to hanging down on the beach.

"And also I'm looking forward to eating some of your interesting food!" he adds with a laugh. "The important things!"

- Veronica Fever