Matt Speaks To NME

NME talks to Matt! Enjoy :)

Magic mushrooms and drowning fantasies - Muse's chief prophet takes NME inside the strange world of 2007's Best British Band

“After winning our first NME Award our private plane caught on fire. Well, you think, ‘We’ve definitely come a long way.’ The first time I went to the NME Awards was when we won Best New Band, in 2000, but I remember what happened just after the Awards even more clearly than the ceremony itself. We had to fly to a gig in this small plane and one of the engines caught alight as it was going down the runway - luckily it didn’t blow up. We were actually sitting there with the award in our hands when the engine burst into flames, so I think it was probably our most rock’n’roll moment. Thankfully it hasn’t made me scared of flying.. or awards ...