Matt Cut His Lip - Atlanta Show Halted

Someone posted this in the Microcuts forums:

Originally Posted by abec7
Posted: 10 Apr 2004 8:12 Post subject: matt's accident at the atlanta, ga show april 9, 2004

i just returned home from the atlanta show. matt split his upper lip on his mic 4 songs into the set. he tried to keep playing, but couldn't continue with the wound. the band came back out after a short visit backstage to inform the audience that matt would have to go to the hospital. they were very professional and announced that they would try to return to the atlanta venue to make it up to the fans. i really feel sorry for matt, dom, and chris. the sold out show was going quite well. the short set consisted of hysteria, new born, butterflies and hurricanes, and thoughts of dying atheist. i would guess atleast a few shows will have to be cancelled until matt's lip can heal. it was my first time to see them. i drove 2 1/2 hours for 4 songs, and it was still worth it. anyway, i hope matt heals soon so they can get on with a successful tour.


Unlucky. Hopefully they'll get it sorted soon and continue with their US tour!